Singularity Career

Dear rule-breakers, questioners, straight-A students who skipped class: We want you.

  • you will not have to wait 8 to10 years to

    do interesting work

  • you will meet clients to

    give them advice-not to sit and listen.

  • you will

    go to court to argue

    -not to carry someone's bags.
  • you will

    conduct trials

    - not take notes in a corner.
  • your


    will be determined

    by your work

    - not politics.
  • Go hard or go home – we

    get our ‘A’ game to work.

  • Winners win and losers lose -

    we play to win.

  • we

    play by the rules

  • we strive for perfection

    - delivering our 110% in whatever we do.
  • Shock and awe!

    – the


    we strive for from our work.
  • we

    lead our disputes

    - not give it away for others to do.
  • we do the most interesting work in the market -

    not cut cost litigation.

  • There is little hierarchy among the lawyers at our firm –

    no sir, no madam.

  • No dress code policy

    – tees, shorts and flipflops are welcome!
  • There is

    no 1st year associate

    work- there is

    only work.

Contact Us

If Interested, email us your profile at accelerate@singularitylegal.com