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Asset Recovery: Onshore and Offshore Strategies

In our interconnected global economy, businesses frequently confront challenges related to enforcement and recovery. The complex dynamics of offshore and onshore jurisdictions play a pivotal role in the recovery of assets, adding a layer of intricacy to the global asset recovery landscape. Our forthcoming webinar seeks to shed light on the nuanced aspects of global asset recovery, encompassing both onshore and offshore strategies, in response to the evolving demands of the business environment. This event aims to distil insights from experts across key jurisdictions, offering a comprehensive exploration into understanding these jurisdictions, navigating cross-border challenges, and addressing the diverse nature of assets they host.

Within this overarching framework, the webinar will delve into the following themes:

  • Onshore and Offshore Jurisdictions: Exploring legal frameworks, regulatory environments, and recent developments impacting recovery strategies.
  • Asset diversity: Analysing various asset classes including physical, digital and cryptocurrency assets; unique considerations and defining features of each asset class.
  • Cross-Border challenges and opportunities: Addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with cross border enforcement, navigating complexities that arise when recovering assets across different jurisdictions.
  • Global enforcement strategies: Providing insights into general strategies for global enforcement, covering pre and post-enforcement litigation strategies, including asset-tracing techniques, obtaining disclosures, injunctive relief measures, jurisdiction-specific remedies and insights into the attachment of sovereign assets in foreign jurisdictions.


  • Prateek Bagaria - Partner, Singularity Legal (Moderator
  • Rupert Reed KC - Barrister, Serle Court (UK, DIFC & ADGM)
  • Bradley Henry - Partner, Akerman LLP (USA)
  • Stefanie Pfisterer - Partner, Homburger (Switzerland)
  • John O'Driscoll - Partner, Harneys (British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bahamas)
  • Nicholas Poon - Director, Breakpoint LLC (Singapore) 
  • Wouter de Clerck - Partner, Legaltree (Netherlands)




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