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Webinar on Digital Assets Dispute Resolution

Confirmed Panelists: 

Prateek Bagaria, Partner, Singularity Legal 

Sinem Mermer, Partner, Boden Law

Cemal Araalan, Of Counsel, CBC Law

Roman Bieda, Head of Fraud Investigation, Coinfirm Limited

Montek Mayal, Partner and Practice Head, Osborne Partners

Stuart King, Head of Research & Co-Portfolio Manager, Fulcrum Capital

Supporting Organisation: ThoughtLeaders4


The world of digital assets is in a continuous state of development, fuelled by a combination of technological innovation, financial speculation, and a desire for greater financial autonomy and privacy. As digital assets become an increasingly mainstream asset class, there is higher engagement by businesses and individuals with various assets including cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The staggering growth of the overall sector as well as frauds, bankruptcies and disputes have led to an increase in investigations and regulation in this sector. The key concerns mirror those found while dealing with conventional assets and more, including cybercrime, Ponzi schemes, misrepresentations, celebrity endorsements, theft, jurisdiction and fora, asset tracing, and identifying the right respondent. Digital assets require a unique and different approach as compared to traditional assets with respect to dispute resolution forums, investigation, prosecution, litigation finance, insolvencies, and enforcement.

In the webinar, we will explore the intricacies, best practices and solutions for resolving these issues related to various digital assets including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralised finance, metaverse, and stablecoins. This discussion will involve an insightful overview of the latest issues, trends and jurisprudence relating to these assets. We will also explore unique challenges such as identifying the appropriate jurisdiction and fora, parties to the proceedings, risk of dissipation, bankruptcies and insolvencies, and financial constraints. The experts will provide practical solutions to tackle these concerns, for instance, application for interim measures and litigation financing. This multi-disciplinary webinar is sure to interest to all levels of experience in this innovative space. 

In conclusion, the growth of digital assets has made it essential to develop optimised practices for resolving disputes. This webinar will provide a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the latest trends, strategies and guidance for addressing the unique challenges presented by this rapidly evolving, innovative space. 


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